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Their Sylvan Majesties King Thomas Byron of Haverford

and Queen Ariella of Thornbury


Spring Crown Tourney List
Greetings unto the Nobles and Populace of AEthelmearc and all who hear these Words. We are proud to announce the Noble Fighters and Inspirational Consorts who will take the field at the Tournament to choose Our Heirs on May 7, 2016. We are indeed pleased with these Gentles, and We look forward to a glorious day of chivalrous combat.

In Service to the Dream,
Byron and Ariella, Rex et Regina AEthelmearc

Duke Sir Timothy of Arindale for Duchess Gabrielle van Nijenrode
Duke Sir Sven Gunnarsson of Fathrundrialand for Duchess Siobhan Inghean ui Liathain
Duke Sir Malcolm Duncan MacEioghann for Viscountess Rosalinde Ashworth
Duke Sir Marcus Eisenwald for Baroness Margerite Eisenwald
Earl Syr Yngvar the Dismal for Countess Caryl Olesdatter
Sir Maghnus an Chnoic na n’Iora for Brehyres Gwendolyn the Graceful
Sir Cunen Beornhelm and THL Ariadne Flaxenhair of Dragon’s End, each for the other
Sir Murdoch Bayne for Baroness Rioghnach ni Rose
Sir Delphinious Aegeous for Lady Shirin of Susa
Sir Magariki Katsuichi no Koredono for Lady Katherine Sinclaire
Sir Angus MacBain for Mistress Yvianne de Castel d’Avignon
Mistress Jenna MacPherson and Lord Rouland of Willowbrooke, each for the other
Sir Gareth Kincaid for Mistress Juliana Delamare
Sir Arnþorr inn sterki for Lady Ceirech na Hinnsi
Baron William Freskyn Murray for Baroness Katherine Kiersey
THL Jairus of the Darklands for Baroness Rosemund von Glinde
Baron Dominic McMorland for Countess Isabeau de l’Isle
Baroness Beatrix Zsofia Serilda Krieger and THL Thorsol Solinauga, each for the other
THL Lothar Hügelmann for Baroness Elizabeth Arrowsmyth
Brother Boldo for Noelle the Goodhearted
Lord Fearghus max Eoin for Mariss Muller

Call for resumes for kingdom webminister position
Greetings to the kingdom, I am sadly reaching the end of my term as kingdom webminister and I would like to do a call for resumes. If you are interested in filling this position please send me your resumes and a few words about yourself and why you want this job. Please send them to with the subject webminister position. Sincerely THL Phelippe “Pippi” Ulfsdotter
Calendar of Events
May - 2016
King Queen
Spring 2016 Æthelmearc Crown Tournament NEW DATE!!!! (Region 5)
   Barony of Delftwood
Defenders of Sylvan Glen
   Shire of Sylvan Glen
19 - 22
King Queen
Aethelmearc War Practice XXVII
   Canton of Steltonwald
First Curia of TRM Byron and Ariella
   Canton of Steltonwald
27 - 30
Wars of the Roses
   Kingdom of the East
27 - 29
Thescorre Baronial Champs
   Barony of Thescorre
27 - 29
Palfreys & Polearms
   Barony of Rhydderich Hael
Queens Rapier Championship
   Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais
June - 2016
3 - 5
Myrkfaelinn Summer War Practice
   Dominion of Myrkfaelinn
3 - 5
King Queen
Northern Oaken War Maneuvers
   Kingdom of the Middle
3 - 5
Melee Madness
   Barony of Endless Hills
Brass Ring Thing XV (aka the Carrousel Museum demo)
   Canton of Beau Fleuve
10 - 12
Hornwood Scarlet Guard Inn IV
   Shire of Hornwood
King Queen
Spring 2016 Æthelmearc Æcademy and War College
   Shire of Ballachlagan
Tournament of the Windmill
   Barony of Delftwood
17 - 19
AEthelwald Proving Grounds III
   Shire of Sunderoak
17 - 27
King Queen
Society 50th Anniversary
   Barony of SCA Inc.
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Æthelmearc is a Kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a non-profit educational society dedicated to the recreation of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

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