The Sylvan Kingdom of AEthelmearc
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Their Sylvan Majesties

King Thomas Byron of Haverford and Queen Ariella of Thornbury


Their Royal Highnesses

Prince Marcus and Princess Margerite Eisenwald

Calendar of Events
June - 2016
3 - 5
Myrkfaelinn Summer War Practice
   Dominion of Myrkfaelinn
3 - 5
King Queen
Northern Oaken War Maneuvers
   Kingdom of the Middle
3 - 5
Melee Madness
   Barony of Endless Hills
Brass Ring Thing XV (aka the Carrousel Museum demo) - CANCELLED
   Canton of Beau Fleuve
10 - 12
Hornwood Scarlet Guard Inn IV
   Shire of Hornwood
King Queen Prince Princess
Spring 2016 Ęthelmearc Ęcademy and War College
   Shire of Ballachlagan
Tournament of the Windmill
   Barony of Delftwood
17 - 27
King Queen
Society 50th Anniversary
   Barony of SCA Inc.
17 - 19
AEthelwald Proving Grounds III
   Shire of Sunderoak
30 - Jul 3
Vikings in the Woods: Making the Goods
   Shire of Riversedge
July - 2016
8 - 10
King Queen Prince Princess
Pax Interruptus
   Barony of Thescorre
15 - 17
King Queen
Bog Three Day: Pennsic Pre-Game
   Barony of St. Swithin's Bog
29 - Aug 14
King Queen Prince Princess
Pennsic 45
   Barony of SCA Pennsic War
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Æthelmearc is a Kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a non-profit educational society dedicated to the recreation of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

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