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Their Sylvan Majesties

King Marcus and Queen Margerite Eisenwald

Unto all of AEthelmearc do Marcus and Margerite, King and Queen of the Sylvan Throne, send greetings!

As the summer begins its turn to fall and cooler temperatures begin their embrace we are so incredibly pleased by the prowess on the field, in the classroom, and at the A&S displays that we broe witness to at Pennsic War. Your courage and valor does not go unnoticed. Shortly it will be our turn to ascend the Sylvan Throne.

We would take a minute to wholeheartedly thank Their Royal Majesties Byron & Ariella as well as Their household in Their openness, generosity, and kindness in welcoming and supporting us as Heirs. Your service to the Kingdom of Aethelmearc has been incredible and we have learned so very much from you.

We will be holding our Crown Tourney on October 1 in the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael. Letters must be in our hand by our Coronation. Given the close timing between Coronation and Crown Tournament we would appreciate letters being in our hand well before that.

We have only one additional caveat to our Crown Tourney. Consorts must be in attendance. We have many championships forthcoming.

We will select our Heavy Weapons Champion at Coronation, Archery and Thrown Weapons champions at Archers to the Wald, A&S Champion at AEthelmearc Arts & Science Champions, and Queens Rapier Championship at Agincourt.

We look forward to seeing you at our Coronation in the glorious Shire of Heronter and would remind you that we are holding our Curia the Sunday after Coronation. We would appreciate our officer’s reports in writing.

In Gloriam, AEthelmearc!
Marcus et Margerite
King and Queen of AEthelmearc

We will be holding our Crown Tourney on October 1 in the Barony of the Rhydderiach Hael. Letters must be in our hand by our Coronation. Given the close timing between Coronation and Crown Tournament we would appreciate letters being in our hand well before that.

We have only one additional caveat to our Crown Tourney.

Consorts must be in attendance.

From Kingdom Laws and Policies:


III-100 Entrants in this section of Law are defined as the combatant and consort entering Crown Tournament.

III-200 All entrants in the Crown Tournament must be members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

III-300 All entrants in the Crown Tournament must be 18 years of age or older as of the date of Crown Tournament.

III-400 The withdrawal of either entrant from the Crown Lists shall automatically eliminate both from that Tournament, except as provided below in paragraph

III-1100. Either may withdraw at any point in the Tournament by notifying the Minister of the Lists.

III-500 In order to be eligible to fight or be fought for in Crown Tournament, a person must be a subject (as defined in Corpora) of Æthelmearc for one year immediately prior to Crown Tournament and be able to demonstrate a reasonable level of participation in Æthelmearc during that period. The Crown may waive the above requirements if the entrants are subjects of the Kingdom and able to demonstrate to the Crown's satisfaction by their own words or by recommendation of peers of the Kingdom that they have sufficient familiarity with Kingdom Law and customs and an acceptable level of participation.

III-600 Letters of intent must be sent to the Crown. They must include the following elements for both entrants: * SCA names * Legal names * Addresses * Telephone numbers * E-mail addresses * Proofs of membership * Age (proof to be supplied at Crown Tournament) * Proof of current authorization for Combatants To facilitate complete letters of intent, a form is available on the Kingdom website as well as from the Crown and the Seneschal on request. Prospective entrants are encouraged but not required to use this form to ensure a complete letter. Letters of intent must be mailed, e-mailed, or hand-delivered to the Crown no later than the Coronation immediately prior to the Crown Tournament. The Kingdom Seneschal shall verify eligibility as defined in the Bylaws and Corpora.

III-700 No person shall enter the Crown Tournament without intending an honorable attempt to compete for the Crown. At the discretion of the Royalty whose Crown it is, the Kingdom Officers who administer Crown may step aside and have their emergency deputy administer the Tourney, so they may enter. In the event a Kingdom Officer should win Crown, the Law regarding Emergency Deputies and office succession will apply.

III-800 The entrants must be acceptable to the Crown or Their representatives.

III-900 No person fighting in or being fought for in Crown Tournament may administer the Crown Tournament.

III-1000 Any two people may champion each other in the Crown Lists (hereinafter referred to as a combatant couple so long as neither is championed by any other person.

III-1100 If one member of a combatant couple is removed from the Crown Lists for marshallate infractions or any infractions of the Rules of the Lists, both members are ineligible to continue in that Crown Tournament. If one member of a combatant couple voluntarily withdraws as a combatant in the Lists, the MOL and Marshal will confer with the withdrawing member to determine if they are also withdrawing as consort or if the other member may continue in the Lists. If the participant withdraws both as fighter and consort, both shall be ineligible to continue in that Crown Tournament.

III-1200 The preferred method of Crown Tournament is a double-elimination format.

III-1300 The winner of the Crown Tournament and the winner's consort become the new Heirs to the Throne of Æthelmearc. They are each entitled to the Title of Crown Prince or Crown Princess, as appropriate to the individual’s persona.

III-1301 Upon ascending to the Throne, They may rightfully be acknowledged as Monarch and Consort with alternate Titles as appropriate to the dignity of the Throne.

Here is link to the online form.

For our mailing address, check the announcement list or AE Facebook group.

ae[dot]prince[at]aethelmearc[dot]org ae[dot]princess[at]aethelmearc[dot]org

In Gloriam, AEthelmearc!
Marcus et Margerite Crown Prince & Crown Princess

Calendar of Events
September - 2016
2 - 4
King Queen
Siege of Glengary:Go Berserk in the Glen - NOTE: Date Change
   Shire of Sylvan Glen
2 - 5
A Shoote In The Wyldewoodes
   Barony of Delftwood
2 - 4
Fireside Feast VI
   Shire of Sunderoak
9 - 11
Sicilian\'s Revenge: Palio di Sicily
   Shire of Port Oasis
Nithgaard\'s 39th Birthday Battle & Ball
   Shire of Nithgaard
Regional Fight Practice
   Shire of Sterlynge Vayle
Summer\'s End (Note: Date change)
   Canton of Beau Fleuve
23 - 25
King Queen Prince Princess
Harvest Raid and Fall 2016 Æthelmearc Coronation
   Shire of Heronter
24 - 25
   Shire of Sterlynge Vayle
October - 2016
King Queen
Fall AEthelmearc Crown Tournament
   Barony of Rhydderich Hael
7 - 9
Leihen Helvetia V
   Barony of Blackstone Mountain
King Queen
Archers to the Wald
   Canton of Steltonwald
Heralds and Scribes
   Shire of Coppertree
Sterlynge Vayle Schola
   Shire of Sterlynge Vayle
King Queen
Aethelmearc Arts & Science Champions
   Shire of Sunderoak
Brewing and Bacon Bash 3 (NOTE: Date Change)
   Shire of Hunter's Home
   Barony of Endless Hills
Hunter’s Moon
   Shire of Hartstone
28 - 30
   Barony-Marche of Debatable Lands
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** Announcements **

* The website for Fall Crown Tournament is now up. Please visit for more information.

* The First Curia of Marcus and Margerite will be held the Sunday after Coronation (September 25) in the Shire of Heronter.

* The Kingdom's Youth Combat Policies have been updated. There are significant changes from past policies. You will find the new policy on the Earl Marshal page.

* There is a Call for Kingdom Officers:
  - Kingdom Seneschal: Sept. 2017 start
  - Kingdom Chronicler: Nov. 2016 start
  - Kingdom Chatelaine: Feb. 2017 start
  - Silver Buccle Principal Herald: Spring Crown 2017 start
  - Sylvan Signet: May 2017 start
  - Chancellor of AEthelmearc Academy: Jan. 2017 start

Please check the September AEstel and/or the Announcements listserv for information on applying for each position.

* Check out the Kingdom of AEthelmearc's Facebook Feed!

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