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A Missive from Their Royal Majesties of Æthelmearc:

Greetings Unto Glorious Æthelmearc from TRM Timothy and Gabrielle,

We hope this holiday season has found you in fine spirits and that you have had the opportunity to visit with your mundane family and friends. This month allows Us the opportunity to visit with Our SCA family and friends as 12th Night is celebrated throughout the Kingdom. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at these events.

I (Timothy) especially appreciate this time of year. There is not a fighter event every weekend so I can spend more time on My non-martial interests in the Society. I have been doing research and working on My casting projects, and will be doing some much needed armor repair for the upcoming fighting season. Their Royal Highnesses Maynard and Liadain are already making preparations for Pennsic and We look forward to supporting Our Kingdom.

We have greatly enjoyed the “indoor” events of late. The artisans of Our Kingdom are truly wonderful! There has been much opportunity this time of year to take classes. We are blessed to have so many gentles willing to teach their craft. Our cooks have been out doing themselves, and We have seen one stunning scroll after another presented in court.

We look forward to seeing each and every one of you over the next few months as Our time serving the Kingdom draws to a close.

We remain in eternal service to Æthelmearc,
Timothy and Gabrielle

From the Kingdom Seneschal, Mistress Illadore:

Greetings to my beloved Æthelmearc!

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and have gotten to indulge in some winter-time activities. I am very much looking forward to seeing you at 12th Night!

We will be having Curia the day after 12th Night in St. Swithin’s Bog; however, the exact location has yet to be determined. We will make sure the information on when and where will be sent out via our email lists and social media ahead of time. [Note: The location has been decided since this article was published. Please look above.]

I am also looking for a Deputy Seneschal / Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion officer, very much inspired by the presentation given at the Kingdom Seneschal Symposium by the Society DEI officer, Lady Astridr “Zahra” Ymirsdottir.

To find out more about the position, please check out the SCA’s page on Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


This deputy seneschal for DEI will help identify opportunities for improvment, develop trainings for Æthelmearc, conduct a comprehensive policy review, promote accountability based on our core values, and support our existing processes to address inequitable actions, including discrimination and bullying.

The DEI Officer will facilitate the necessary conversations and decision-making that can lead to a more equitable and inclusive SCA I’m very excited about this and I am looking for someone who has some ideas of where to take this position within the Kingdom.

Email your interest to ae.seneschal@ aethelmearc.org

See you all at 12th Night,
Illadore de Bedegrayne
Kingdom Seneschal

New Deputy Seneschal, Kingdom DEI Officer:

Greetings from Illadore!

I am happy to announce that Mistress Gytha Oggsdottir is my new Deputy Seneschal for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (or our new DEI officer) and I am looking forward to working with her in this new capacity. For more information on just what a DEI officer does, please check out the Society page:



Illadore de Bedegrayne
Aethelmearc Seneschal

From the Æthelmearc Warlord:

Greetings to all of Æthelmearc from Tadhg, Warlord.

This missive is a call to every loyal citizen of Æthelmearc from newcomers to veteran fighters and fencers, to artisans and those that choose to serve; nobles, lords and ladies alike! For every person to step forward with swords, bows, thrown weapons, armament, craft, research and service united as Æthelmearc.

Those heavy fighters with a rapier authorization, take the bladed field with your brother and sister fencers.
Thus, the same of our fellow fencers: grab hold of your rattan and fight on the heavy field.
If you have a bow worthy of a target, pull upon that string and let loose an arrow on the range.
Sharpen your knives and axes, so they may cleave the target in twain.
Hone your skills and minds to create and explain.
Place yourself in the way of those that need aid.

We should present an Æthelmearc united in every aspect of our society; gather around and support each other without hesitation, answering any question of who we are. We are all a part of the Æthelmearc Army in one way or another.

The fundamental change in the structure of Æthelmearc’s Army is thus; it will be split in two regions: Eastern Banner and Western Banner. A Banner is both a military unit and a geographical region of the Army. The Baronies, Shires, Households and Companies of a Banner will stand together on the field as one unit. The Banners will represent the mighty arms of Æthelmearc sweeping clear all those that stand before us; like crumbs from a table.

All the Knowne World will hear the sounds and songs of Æthelmearc ringing throughout the battlefields, ranges and halls. In Glorium Æthelmearc!

We are currently looking for an individual with command experience to assume the role of Lieutenant of the Eastern Banner. If you are interested, please contact me directly for more details. One Ærmy, One Æthelmearc.

Yours in service, mind and arms,
Æthelmearc Warlord

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* There is a new Kingdom Event Rotation listing for 2020-2029 found on the Seneschal Page.

* There are new Authorization Forms found on the Authorizations Clerk page.

* TRH Maynard and Liadain have names Master Illadore de Bedegrayne and Master Emily of Dunhaven as Pennsic Rapier Warlords for Pennsic. Their email forwards are: Master Emily – ae.pennsicrapierwarlord1; Master Illadore – ae.pennsicrapierwarlord2; and to email both simulateously – ae.pennsicrapierwarlord

* There are new Event Submission and Update forms found on the Event Submission Form page.

* Information regarding the icons found in event announcements can be found in the Icon Guide.

* There is a Frequently Asked Questions page on this site. Please see if your question is listed here.

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There is an immediate need for a new Kingdom Historian and an opening for a Webminister for the Historian’s Office. There is also an opening for a Webminister for the Chronicler’s Office. If you are interested, please email our Kingdom Chronicler at ae.chronicler@aethelmearc.org.

* The Silver Buccle Herald, THL Sophie Davenport, is seeking 12 local heralds and a Region 5 herald. If you are interested in any of these positions, please let her know at ae.herald@aethelmearc.org.

The Kingdom Signets, Mistress Antoinette de la Croix and THL Shirin of Susa, are requesting scroll blanks for Kingdom Awards. If you are able to help out, kindly let them know at ae.signet@aethelmearc.org.

* Letters of Intent are being accepted for the position of Kingdom Webminister. Letters are due by February 1, 2020. Please email resume.webminister@aethelmearc.org to apply.

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