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Office of the Earl Marshal
Visit the Earl Marshal website: http://marshal.aethelmearc.org/ Individual websites for marshallate activities are found below.
Earl Marshal
Duke Sir Timothy of Arindale
email marshal
Incident Report Form
Injury Report Form
Minors fighting as adults in heavy combat (not youth combat) and/or rapier rules
Rattan Marshal
Duke Maynard Von Dem Steine
email rattanmarshal
Region 1 Rattan Deputy
Duke Gareth Kincaid
email region1marshal
Region 2 Rattan Deputy
Lord Halfdan Rauthkinn
email region2marshal
Region 3 Rattan Deputy
Baron Cormacc mac Gilla Brigde
email region3marshal
Region 4 Rattan Deputy
Lord Arden Scot of Clan Scot
email region4marshal
Region 5 Rattan Deputy
Posadnik Zvonimir Zavodchikov
email region5marshal
Steel Fighting Experiment Deputy Duke Malcolm MacEoghainn email steelfightingexperiment
Combat Archery Marshal
Baron Fridrich Swartzwalder
email combatarchery
Siege Marshal
Lord Chebe
email siege
Youth Rapier Provost
Mistress Irene von Schmetterling
email youthrapier
AEthelmearc Youth Rapier Policy
Weasel Youth Combat Marshal
THL Metheus Weasel
email youthfighting
AEthelmearc Youth Combat Policy
Visit the Youth Combat website: http://youthcombat.aethelmearc.org
Simon Caminante Rapier Marshal
Don Simon Caminante
email rapiermarshal
Region 1 Rapier Marshal
Donnan MacDubhsidhe
email region1rapiermarshal
Region 2 Rapier Marshal
Don Cyrus Augur
email region2rapiermarshal
DeirdreKildare Region 3 Rapier Marshal
Lady Deirdre Kildare
email region3rapiermarshal
Region 4 Rapier Marshal
Master Jacob of Dunmore
email region4rapiermarshal
Region 5 Rapier Marshal
Don Michael Gladewyne
email region5rapiermarshal
Deputy Rapier Marshal
Mistress Gabrielle de Winter
Cut and Thrust and Deputy Rapier Marshal
Mistress Gytha Oggsdottr
Deputy Rapier Marshal Don Po Silvertop the Rogue email deputyrapiermarshal1
To email both Deputy Rapier Marshals email deputyrapiermarshal
Visit the Rapier Marshal website: http://rapier.aethelmearc.org
Archer General Master Juan Miguel Cezar email archerymarshal
Deputy Archer General
Lord Alfonso de Santo Domingo
email archery.deputy
Region 1 Deputy
Lord Alfonso de Santo Domingo
email region1archery
Region 2 Deputy
Lord Alfonso de Santo Domingo
email region2archery
Region 3 Deputy
THL Brada AEthelwald
email region3archery
Region 4 Deputy
Baron Caleb Reynolds
email region4archery
Region 5 Deputy
Lord Snorri skyti Bjarnarson
email region5archery
Pennsic Archery Deputy
Lord Alfonso de Santo Domingo
email archery.pennsicdeputy
Archery Scorekeeper
Master Robert the Gray
 email archeryscores
Visit the Archery Scores website: http://scores-sca.org/home/index.php?R=3
Thrown Weapons Marshal
Baroness Anastasie de Lamoure
email thrownweapons
Thrown Weapons Deputy
Lord Maddoc MacRoyri
email thrownweapons_deputy
Thrown Weapons Region 1 Marshal
Lord Rikardr Vid-Bjorn
email region1thrownweapons
Thrown Weapons Region 2 Marshal
THL Kumagaya Kentarou Masamoto
email region2thrownweapons
Thrown Weapons Region 3 Marshal
Lord Arvik Hyttoinen
email region3thrownweapons
Thrown Weapons Region 4 Marshal Vacant email region4thrownweapons
Thrown Weapons Region 5 Marshal
Baron Snorri skyti Bjaransson
email region5thrownweapons
Thrown Weapons Scorekeeper
THL Perote Gormal Campbell
email twscorekeeper
Thrown Weapons Scorekeeper
email twscorekeeperdeputy
Visit the Thrown Weapons Website:
http://thrownweapons.aethelmearc.org Visit the Thrown Weapons Scores website:
Equestrian Marshal
Mistress Ysabeau Tiercelin
email equestrian

Visit the Equestrian Arts website:

Useful Files

Armoured Combat Policy (July 2019)

Minor As Adult Policy

Combat Archery Policy

Siege Policy

Æthelmearc Fencing Manual

Thrown Weapon Policy

Target Archery Policy

Equestrian Policy

Youth Armoured Combat Policy

Youth Rapier Policy

MOL Policy

On-Line Quarterly Report

On-Line Injury Report

On-Line Incident Report

Marshal Warrant Form

Regional Marshal Quarterly Report Form

Marshal Quarterly Report Form

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