Kingdom of Æthelmearc

The Seven Pearls Champions
A.S. 56-57

Baronages of Æthelmearc at Seven Pearls AS 57

The Baronages of Æthelmearc
Seven Pearls
AS 57

Archery Champion: Master Tigernach mac Cathail, Barony of Endless Hills
Arts & Sciences Champion: Lord Meuric ap Gwillim, Barony of Rhydderich Hael
Bardic/Performing Arts Champion: Lady Megge Gormshuileach, Barony of Delftwood
Fencing Champion: Don Cyrus Augur, Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands
Heavy Weapons Champion: Baron Cormacc mac Gilla Brigde, Barony of Endless Hills
Thrown Weapons Champion: Lord Wolfgang von Wylderwoode, Barony of Delftwood

The Seven Pearls of Æthelmearc and Their Champions
A.S. 56-57

Barony-Marche of Debatable Lands

Barony-Marche of Debatable Lands

Baron Brandubh Ó Donnghaile and Baroness Hilderun Hügelmann

Archery Champion: Baroness Anastasie de Lamoure
Arts & Sciences Champion: THL Rachel Daliceaux
Bardic/Performing Arts Champion: Master William de Montegilt
Equestrian Champion: THLady Gesa von Wellenstein
Fencing Champion: Don Cyrus Augur
Heavy Weapons Champion: Master William de Montegilt
Thrown Weapons Champion: THLord Meinolf Grimsson
Youth Archery Champion: Nicholas William
Youth Fighting:

  • Division 1: Xavier
  • Division 2: Bree
  • Division 3: Ethan
Barony of Thescorre

Barony of Thescorre

Baron Andriú mac Domhnaill and Baroness Nuzha bint Saleem

Archery Champion: THL Ciaron Thorne
Arts & Sciences Champion: Maguerite de Neufchateau
Bardic/Performing Arts Champion: Moss
Fencing Champion: Diego Munoz
Heavy Weapons Champion: Varo
Thrown Weapons Champion: Bronwyn nic Gregor
Hjotr Sigvaldison

Barony of Rhydderich Hael

Barony of Rhydderich Hael

Baron Magnus de Lyons and Baroness Thalia Papillon

Archery Champion:Lady Siobhan Readnait
Arts & Sciences Champion: Lord Meuric ap Gwilliam
Bardic/Performing Arts Champion: Lady Logan Lotta Da Kent
Chivalry Champion: THLord Chebe
Fencing Champion: Dona Katerin Starke
Equestrian Champion: THL Maeve Ni Siurtain
Heavy Weapons Champion: Lord Siegfred Corloys
Thrown Weapons Champion: Lord Tadeusz Wypij

    Barony of Delftwood

    Barony of Delftwood

    Baron Thorbjorn inn Havi and Baroness Othindisa Bykona

    Archery Champion: Meisterin Amalie Reinhardt
    Arts & Sciences Champion: Noble Zabela Zavodchikov
    Bardic/Performing Arts Champion: THLady Glenna Cholmondeley
    Fencing Champion: Lord Eoin MacCogadhián
    Heavy Weapons Champion: Lord Dalibor Vilcheckov syn
    Thrown Weapons Champion: Lord Wolfgang von Wylderwood

    Barony of Blackstone Mountain

    Barony of Blackstone Mountain

    Baron Cunedda Kell and Baroness Alana Horsecroft

    Archery Champion: Lady Brienne the Scorned
    Arts & Sciences Champion: Renveig
    Bardic/Performing Arts Champion: THLady Erzebet Fauconneau
    Fencing Champion: Baron Ichijo Honen
    Heavy Weapons Champion: Hrafin
    Thrown Weapons Champion: THLady Kathryn McClung

      Barony of Endless Hills

      Barony of Endless Hills

      Baron Nicolo dei Gaetani and Baroness Maggie Ille Foster

      Archery Champion: Sir Tigernach mac Cathail
      Arts & Sciences Champion: Lady Kolfinna Jódísardóttir
      Bardic/Performing Arts Champion: Lord Daven MacKinneaugh
      Fencing Champion: Lady Kolfinna Jódísardóttir
      Heavy Weapons Champion: Baron Cormacc mac Gille Brigde
      Thrown Weapons Champion: Sir Tigernach mac Cathail

      Barony of St. Swithin’s Bog

      Barony of St. Swithin’s Bog

      Baron Jean Pierre dit la Barbe Rousse and Baroness Caterine de Troyes

      Archery Champion: THL Cassiano da Castello
      Arts & Sciences Champion: Lady Eudoxia Antonina 
      Bardic/Performing Arts Champion:Lord Eadmund aet Eoforwicscire
      Fencing Champion: Baron Salvadore de la Torres
      Heavy Weapons Champion: THLord Bran Ó Labhradha
      Thrown Weapons Champion: Lord Radomir Bakalarz
      Youth Champion: Zafira al-Bahārīya

      The Sylvan Kingdom of Æthelmearc
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