Greetings AEthelmearc,

After looking at the current amount of Covid-19 spread in the community, Duke Christopher and I assess we cannot hold large events safely indoors at the time. Therefore, with consultation with Their Majesties, we are canceling events in AEthelmearc through the end of January. This means both the Challenge of Sable Bear and Queens Rapier Championship are canceled at this time. Smaller gatherings and practices can still occur provided folks follow the SCA’s COVIDSafe policies and AEthelmearc’s masking rules (ie, masks inside for everyone, all the time.)

We are hoping we will be in a much better place by the end of the month and we will re-evaluate then.

Until then, please stay safe, drink warm drinks, and be kind to one another.

Much love,
Illadore de Bedegrayne
Kingdom Seneschal

Welcome to our Kingdom!

A Missive from Their Royal Majesties of Æthelmearc:

Greetings Noble Populace,
We hope you have had a safe and happy holiday season. Celebrations behind us we must look forward. It is time to train and make ready for war. Adult swim is a training opportunity where all warriors can improve. We look forward to attending Festival of Seven Deadly Sins this year. We will be going to Gulf Wars in March as well. If you have never been its a worthwhile journey that has forged many strong friendships. Come out and take part as you feel comfortable doing. Be careful of yourself and others. We know these are uncertain times in many parts of peoples lives. No one can be at everything, none the less it is important to reach out of your area of interest so we can be a society which is more than a bunch of people with their own interests that happen to share a space. Cheer each other on. Learn something new. Try more parts of the SCA. The Dream is a big place.

Gareth and Juliana
Rex and Regina Æthelmearc

From the Kingdom Seneschal, Mistress Illadore:

On 27 August 2021, Their Royal Majesties, Maynard von dem Steine and Líadain ní Dheirdre Chaomhánaigh, the Crown of Aethelmearc, have issued a Temporary Removal from Participation from the SCA against Amy Simeister, known in the Society as Constantina Warbler.

AEthelmearc Covid Policy Link Covid Policy Document

Greetings AEthelmearc!
I hope this missive finds you well and that you have a festive, happy, and safe winter celebration. While I am saddened that we cannot all be together for a Kingdom 12th Night this year, I am delighted to see the small events happening around the Kingdom this winter. Quick note – per the Kingdom Event rotation, we’re looking for a 2022 Fall Crown bid from Region 3, due by April 1st.

First and foremost:

The East Kingdom is asking for bids for the next Event Coordinator/Mayor for Pennsic 51. Bids for Pennsic 51 (2024) will be accepted until 1 May 2022. Please see the details of the Bid Process at the East Kingdom Seneschal’s website. All interested parties are encouraged to thoroughly read all of the pages linked from the box on that page. Bid packets are to be copied to the Crowns and Seneschals of the Kingdoms of Aethelmearc, the East, and the Middle.

Now onto more specific AE issues:

Now onto more specific Æ issues: As I write this, in early January, the COVID-19 pandemic continues throughout the United States. Per the CDC website, as of December 21, 2021, “The Omicron variant likely will spread more easily than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus and how easily Omicron spreads compared to Delta remains unknown. CDC expects that anyone with Omicron infection can spread the virus to others, even if they are vaccinated or don’t have symptoms.” While AEthelmearc is doing its best to limit the spread of COVID-19, please remember that no activity is “no risk.” No one is required to attend events in person. If you are sick in any way, stay home. I also recommend that if you have any questions on what AEthelmearc is doing during the pandemic, that you contact me at: or his Grace, Duke Christopher, our Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for Pandemics, at:
As a reminder, you can find our short summary of AE’s
COVID-19 requirements here:
Thank you so much,
Illadore de Bedegrayne
Kingdom Seneschal

New COVID Policy for Æthelmearc (as of October 4, 2021):

Greetings from Illadore.

As you have likely seen, the SCA is allowing Kingdoms to adopt their new COVID Policy. In consultation with Their Majesties and Duke Christopher (our Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for Pandemics), Æthelmearc will be adopting that policy and it will go into effect next Monday, October 4th.

We want to give the Kingdom a week to come up with their questions and get prepared. The policy requires that everyone over the age of 11 (so 12 and up) to either show their proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test within the past 72 hours. The Board of Directors has also clarified that by “events”, they are using the Corpora definition. This means any event, practice, gathering, meeting or anything else we do in physical spaces is covered by this policy. (Obviously, you do not have to show your vaccine card to attend a Zoom.)

We know this is going to be a burden for some and others will choose not to attend. I understand your feelings and I sincerely hoped we would not be in this position at this time. Unfortunately, the pandemic is continuing and we still have widespread community transmission in every county in Æthelmearc. It is our assessment this policy will make those attending AE events safer for more people. We feel this is the way towards getting back to a “more normal.”

This also means our first actual “event event” that will require the policy will be the Æthelmearc October 9th Crown Tourney. There will be no exceptions to the policy for that event. Everyone who attends who is 12 and up must be vaccinated or show proof of a negative test within 72 hours of the event.

This is going to require a change in how we do a few things – first and foremost, we will have to check-in first at an event. This will likely slow down trolling in, so you may have to add time into your plans.

We know you have many questions. I will be doing more updates in the near future (including a summary of all the policy rules for Æthelmearc) and His Grace Duke Christopher and I will be holding a Zoom town hall next Tuesday.

Stay safe my friends,
Monica Gaudio
Regional Vice President, SCA Æthelmearc

Illadore de Bedegrayne
Kingdom Seneschal

Resolution to Lift Suspension of In-Person Activity in the SCA as of June 1st, 2021

On March 23, 2021, the Board of Directors passed the Resolution to Lift Suspension of In-Person Activity in the SCA as of June 1st, 2021 (North America).

Details of the Resolution and its conditions are located here:

On March 23, 2021, the Board of Directors passed the following:

Resolution to Lift Suspension of In-Person Activity in the SCA as of June 1st, 2021  

  I.    Whereas the challenge created by the COVID-19 Global Pandemic demanded heightened safety standards which led to a suspension of in-person activity in North America by the SCA Board of Directors; 
  II.    Whereas the crisis of the Pandemic is being addressed through a combination of social policy, as well as scientific and medical advancements; 
  III.    Whereas the SCA Board of Directors continues to prioritize the health and well-being of the membership and participants of the SCA; and 
  IV.    Whereas the directed suspension of in-person events in North America expires after May 31st, 2021; now, therefore, be it 
  V.    Resolved,  that the SCA Board of Directors lifts the suspension of in-person activity in North America, effective June 1, 2021, provided adherence to the items in this resolution; 
  VI.    Resolved, that all attendees in North America must follow all province, territory, state, and local health guidelines at SCA events. In addition, at all North American SCA events: 
      A.    Masks that fully cover the mouth and nose must be worn by all attendees over the age of 4 at all times and during all activities except for eating and drinking; 
      B.    Court, bardic circles, or any activity that involves voice projection shall also require that masks be worn at all times. Sound amplification devices are highly recommended; 
      C.    No day board, water-bearing, or food of any kind shall be provided by event staff or attendees to other attendees. All attendees must provide their own food and beverages; 
      D.    While consuming food or beverages, attendees are required to remain stationary and follow social distancing rules; 
      E.    No overnight camping  shall be allowed; 
      F.    All events shall be held outdoors; 
      G.    There shall be a maximum of 150 people at any event; and 
      H.    All events shall require preregistration.  
  VII.     Resolved, that the SCA Board of Directors mandates applicable Kingdoms who have determined that it is safe to host in-person events before June 1st, 2021 or who propose any deviation from the above restrictions to request a variance from the Society Seneschal in order to hold the proposed event. The Society Seneschal shall have the authority to grant or deny these requests. These requests will be reviewed by the Board using the same review method used for variances to Corpora; 
  VIII.    Resolved, that small local gatherings including, but not limited to: guild meetings, officer meetings, and local martial activities including archery and thrown weapons shall remain at the discretion of the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal, in accordance with province, territory, state, and local health guidelines. Virtual events as alternatives continue to be a viable option; 
  IX.    Resolved, that enforcement of this resolution will be handled by the Society Seneschal and President of SCA Inc.; and, 
  X.    Resolved, that the SCA Board of Directors commends the hard-working officers, royalty, membership, and participants who have allowed the SCA to continue to flourish virtually as we lift this suspension and transition forward in a manner consistent with recommended health and safety standards.   

The President and the Society Seneschal have been given the responsibility of implementing the resumption of events within the rules above and adjusting the strictures as needed with Board approval. 

As per item (H) in the Resolution, SCA, Inc. has available the Event Module for the mandatory pre-registration process.  All kingdoms are encouraged to utilize this tool. More information will be forthcoming from the SCA Accounting Specialist, Mazelle Attiya.  If you would like to contact her about this available option, she can be reached at

Questions or comments should be sent directly to and or your board Ombudsman.

This is our first step toward the resumption of SCA events.  Working with the corporate officers and with input from the various kingdoms, we will continue to assess the pandemic environment and make changes going forward as needed, either to add further restrictions or relax existing ones as the situation allows.

No matter what safety precautions we put in place, there is no substitute for each individual being educated about the risk to themselves and their loved ones, and making responsible choices to protect themselves and others from this virus.

We look forward to seeing many of you, in person and in garb, as we prepare to begin in-person events again.

Kingdom E-Newsletters Available to All – December 1, 2020

During the October 2020 meeting, the Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of the removal of the “paid members only” barrier from the e-newsletter online portal. 

As of December 1, 2020, the paywall will be removed from newsletters, inter-kingdom directory and Board Minutes. This will give all participants and groups the opportunity to explore the rich and abundant history of the SCA. We are hoping these documents can be used as historical references and tools to help us grow the SCA community.

Subscribers to the paper copies of Kingdom newsletters will not be affected by this change.  Your paper subscriptions will continue to be mailed to you in a timely manner.

Newsletters can be found by clicking on this link:

Information on Paid Membership, from

Update on SCA Membership Status Effective July 1, 2020:

We are sorry to have to report that as of July 1, 2020, we will no longer be able to leave expired memberships open as if they were current memberships. The corporation has reached a point where it needs to resume normal financial processes. Read the full notice here.

Gifting a Membership:

There has been an extremely generous response from our members, wanting to gift memberships to people in need.

If you would like to gift a membership for a specific individual, please download and follow these instructions.

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