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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I see the mobile version of the Æthelmearc website on my desktop/laptop?
The Æ Website is a responsive website. If you do not have your browser window at full-width, the website will appear in the mobile format on your machine.
I am having issues with email addresses, since I cannot see them. What do I do?
Email addresses are obfuscated on our website to be compliant with Webminister policies. The easiest way to use our email links is to set a default email handler on your computer. Mobile devices usually have the email handler set through a default program.

If you do not use an email program (such as MS Outlook) and use a webmail client (such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and so on), try setting your email handler using the instructions found at

Each email address displayed on the website shows the first half of the email address. All email addresses on our website end with @ aethelmearc . org (without the spaces).

How do I find the full calendar listing of events?
The entire menu bar contains active links, including all headings regardless if there are dropdown arrows. The full events calendar can be found by clicking on the word “Events” in the menu.
Why do the events listed by region show up in reverse chronological order?
This is due to our using WordPress. The tags are integrated within the tag archive so they display in reverse chronological order, just as blog posts would.

There is no way for us to fix this behaviour at this time.

How do I add a FAQ to this list?
You can either email the webminister at or fill out a Website Correction Form.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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