Changes to the Æthelmearc Website, Subdomains, and Email Structure
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A. Accounts for all Royalty, Kingdom Officers, Guild Heads, Group Seneschals, and all who currently have groups that reside on the Kingdom Web Server (or are moving to the Kingdom Web Server) will have official Google for Æ Accounts created this week. These accounts will contain email accounts. There will no longer be direct forwarding of Kingdom email to personal accounts.

Groups and positions that will have automatic creation of accounts from this move include:

  • All Kingdom Officers (that are listed on the website. More information below.)
  • All Group Seneschals
  • AELeads
  • Chatelaine
  • Coins (Moneyers Guild)
  • Coppertree
  • Heraldry (More information below)
  • Hunters Home
  • Kings Crossing
  • Marshal (More information below)
  • Myrkfaelinn
  • Rapier (More information below)
  • St. Swithin’s Bog (More information below)
  • Sunderoak
  • Webminister

A1. If you have one of these accounts, you will be receiving credentials to log in to your Kingdom Google account at the address you have been receiving your Kingdom email.

A2. For any position that has 2 related positions with corresponding emails in 2 separate subdomains, you will have aliases available so you can have access to all accounts at the same time.

A2a. An example: After changes go into effect, and will feed to the same account.

A3. For any person that has 2 (or more) unrelated positions, you will have a separate Google account for each of these positions and will need to log in/out of these accounts to access specific information.

B. Kingdom Email Addresses: The “ae.” section of emails will be going away with the move to Google. This is for ALL email addresses that end in ****

B1. For example, in the past to reach the King you would type the following email: After the move, this will become

B2. If an email is sent to ae.****, after the switch, it will bounce.

B3. We update all information on the Kingdom Website as quickly as possible after the changeover to reflect accurate information.

C. Heraldry Site: The AEHeralds site will be joining the Kingdom server and will be switched to

C1. The Heraldry Google accounts will be created this weekend and there will be working emails for ****

C2. By month’s end, all emails ending in will be retired. After this, if an email is sent to **** it will bounce.

C3. The website will continue to work, but will be retired by month’s end.

C4. There will be a notification of when emails and website will no longer be working and when will be active.

D. Earl Marshal: The Marshal site will be switching domain endings from to

D1. Earl Marshal site Google accounts will be created this weekend and will be working emails with the ending ***

D2. All email that had fencing noted in the address (specifically for, NOT for will be updated to rapier.

D2a. If an email is sent to ae.****, after the switch, it will bounce.

D3. Please note, after this change if an email is sent to **** it will bounce.

E. St. Swithin’s Bog: The St. Swithin’s Bog site will be joining the Kingdom server and will be switched to

E1. The St. Swithin’s Bog Google accounts will be created this weekend and there will be working emails for ****

E2. All email accounts ending in will be retired. After this, if an email is sent to **** it will bounce.

E3. The website will continue to work, but will be retired March 1.

E4. If you go to after this weekend, but before March 1, you will be redirected to the new domain.

F: Rapier Site: The AERapier site will be joining the Kingdom server and will be switched to

F1. Any Google accounts needing to be created this weekend will follow this format and will have working email: ****

F2. By month’s end, all emails ending in will be retired. After this, if an email is sent to **** it will bounce.

F3. The website will continue to work, but will be retired by month’s end.

F4. There will be a notification of when emails and website will no longer be working and when will be active.

Some Q&As:

Q: What if my Group/Order would like email addresses with an Æthelmearc subdomain?

A: We can do this! Please have your seneschal email and we can talk about specifics and work on this.

Q: What about me? Can I get an Google Account/email address?

A: At some point in January we will be opening up our Æthelmearc Google Account Request Form for all paid members in Æthelmearc to create an Google account on our server. This will allow you to have an email address ending in and space in Google Docs. Please stay tuned for more specific information.

Q: What if I don’t know how to use Google?

A: Please know we have documentation available on the Kingdom Doc Server ( and we will have online trainings available on Zoom. We are adding to our documentation daily.

Q: Can I easily log in and out of “unrelated” accounts?

A: Yes! There will be documentation forthcoming.

Q: Can I be logged into my personal Google account and a Google for Æ account simultaneously?

A: Yes! There is documentation available at

Q: I received information for an account. Now what?

A: Log in and take a look around! Use the waffle looking icon in the upper-right corner of your browser to check some of the different items you have available in here.

Google Drive: A place to store your documents — and share them with others, if you’d like

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides: Create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, and share them with others — or even collaborate on them *in real-time*

Google Forms: Make surveys and other forms for data collection or pollings

Google Keep: “Keep” your notes and tidbits in one convenient place. You can share notes with others as well… and collaborate!

Google Calendar: Make appointments or keep dates/times of meetings and other important things!

Google Classroom: Create an online “classroom” for your classes, Orders, Guilds, and so on.

Google Groups: These are like Listservs, basically they are mass communication message groups.

And sooooooooo much more!

Q: That sounds great! However, I have no idea how to use any of these things. How can I get help?

A: We have some documentation available already on the Kingdom Doc Server specifically for Google for Æ. This is found at 

We also will be holding training sessions and open HelpDesk hours. Watch for these being announced on the Kingdom Listserv and on the SCA Aethelmearc Facebook Group.

Q: This information is pretty awesome-sauce. However, I didn’t get information for an account.

A: No fear! This opportunity is quickly approaching! We will be opening the Kingdom’s Google for personal accounts in mid-January 2021. (These will be in the form of

Q: What is this sharing thing you keep speaking of?

A: Google has the ability to share documents with other people. This allows for less email, quicker access, and the ability for real-time collaboration. To share a file already uploaded to your Google Drive, please check this support doc:

Q: What do I do if I need my/a Password reset?

A: If you know your Google for Æ account and which email address your recovery info will forward to, you can click the “Forgot password?” link under the login box on Google.

 If you don’t, please email so we can assist you.



A. These lists are being retired from our longtime host at CMU and will open as Google Groups on Google for Æ.

B. We are have moved all the email addresses over to the new groups for those who are already members of either or both of the Kingdom lists.

B1. If you are not currently on either or both of these lists and would like to be, please let us know at

B2. You do not need to have an email address in order to be on these lists.

B3. No Mail and Digest modes have been maintained for those who previously had these settings.

C. The new addresses for sending to these lists will be and


A. Contact Flip at requesting a Google Group be set up.

B. Fill out this CSV file, using the example at the top then send to Flip.

B1. Email addresses that do not reside on Google for AE cannot add themselves to the Group; however, a Google administrator can.


A. All documentation for Google for Æ is located on the Kingdom Doc Server at

A1. Documentation is continually being added.

B. Training

B1. Training will start as soon as possible and will be relayed on the Kingdom Announcement List (email) and on SCA AEthelmearc (Facebook).

B2. Online training will take place in the Kingdom Zoom Rooms.

B3. Watch for more information as it becomes available.


All accounts (forwarders) from the old system have been loaded into our Google System.


You must log in to receive your email.

We have started sending email messages with account information (to the account we had on file for any email forwarder we had on the Kingdom server).

You may receive more than one email. 

If your accounts are related, such as and, you will only have 1 login. We have created aliases so all email feeds into one inbox.

If your accounts are not related, you will receive a separate email with different login information for each account.


When you receive your account information, you are able to log into your Google for AE account with your provided credentials!

You can use this document for assistance with logging in:…/1HAjY1G14sWzWrp3x…/view…

(You should be prompted to change your password after the first log in. After that, you can always change your password using this instructions:…/1M3cdCMOCuYMd3OrSXSF…/view… )

It may take awhile to receive information. We must manually send out this information.


Things are emailing out a tad different than we had hoped.

You will receive a password reset email. When you click the button, you will see the account name/email on the following page. 

You must agree to Google’s terms to be let in and to reset the password. 

Pictures are attached so you know what to look for. 

Image may contain: text that says '7:22 All Inboxes Your Google Account password for Kingdom of AEthelmearc has been reset by your administrator Google Workspace Your Google Account password has been reset Hello Your administrator has reset your Google Account password for Kingdom of AEthelmearc. Click Reset password below to set a new password. To keep your account secure, follow th se password guidelines. Reset password'No photo description available.Image may contain: text


Email propagation does take some time, so the world may not have caught up with us yet. Hopefully they will within the next day or so. If you are trying to email an address from a non-Kingdom address, there may be a window where it will bounce. It should be working soon. 

All account emails have gone out. Please make sure to check spam/junk if you expect one and have not received it. Please email (or use the form at if you believe you are missing a password reset email. 

We also sent emails to people with multiple accounts to ensure that they know they will receive more than 1 email. 

All emails on the Kingdom website have been updated to reflect the email changes (no ae.). All Kingdom web forms have as well. 

There will be more information coming tomorrow, but the major transfer work is coming to an end. 

And the listserv has officially flipped to Google Groups!

(You can still send to the same email address 🙂 )

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