Dozen Donation Derby Battle

Greetings from TRM Gifts Largess Co-coordinator,

Let’s equip our noble Royalty with abundant largess for their reign! Two opportunities are taking place; First at Academy on November 4th and next
at Kingdom 12th night on January 6th. Links to these events are provided below.

All participants will receive a small gift of thanks!

The idea is simple- entrants make 12 gifts to enter. They can be identical, or it can be similar items like different historical games (but all games), or all items from a specific time period . Everyone attending the event can vote on entries using a bead or ticket tbd that will be provided. The winner with the most beads/tickets will receive one of each of the other entrant’s items. The balance will fill the vault of the Royals & ensure they have a generous supply of treasure to recognize their people & give gifts of state.

If you can document please do, however documentation is not expected or required; some favorite SCA items are just fun- like stuffed dragons. If it’s a food item or topical item, please make sure all ingredients are listed, your name and contact information for questions. Shelf stable highly preferred. Many people have allergies and your assistance is appreciated.

Academy Information & Rules:

Doors will open at 8:30 a.m., with classes commencing at 10:00 and finishing at 5:00 p.m.

*Voting will start by 11am and go till 4pm.

*Entrants are welcome to stop by immediately after their last class; If the winner is available they can choose their items at that time. If the winner isn’t located by 5:15pm, I will select items on their behalf.

*You do not need to be present to submit entries or to win. Please designate a representative to accept your participation token, and prizes if you are chosen victor!

*Groups may enter. Have an art night? Make a dozen between the bunch of you. One person representing the group if chosen for prizes is appreciated.

Kingdom 12th Night Information & Rules:

Facebook event page:

Same rules as Academy, times tbd, with one addition:

An *Over the top category*. Rather make one special item instead of a dozen? That’s the competition for you. Mystery prize for the victor in this category!

Questions or assistance can be directed to Countess Anna Leigh. (Please email the webminister [ae.webminister] for contact information.)

*Additional Resources:*

This is a great way to start making things in the SCA. Largess is always an act of service, and can be an art as well. Here’s just a few inexpensive
&/or quick ideas for novice artists. You’ll find pictures and instructions for most of these items on Pinterest & YouTube:

*Wire rings*: There are lots of period examples that are pretty and easy to make

*Notecards*: Painted, stamped, calligraphed or I’ve even seen some embroidered!

*Pearled bobby pins*: Typically 4-6 per set. Use a business card to slip the hair pins on & add your information for a lovely presentation.

*Fabric napkins*: You can use fabric scraps or napkins can be purchased (try for cotton or blend) and block stamped, stenciled or embroidered in a corner. Typically sized 16”x16” to 24”x 24”

*Cup covers*: I’ve been told pre-cut quilt squares are a great size! (Typically these are 6”x6” – 8”x8”)

*Scroll cases*: Cardboard can be had from Sam’s club or PLCB and left over or discount fabric (10”x 12” or larger is the most needed)

*Fibulas:* (Copper, available at the hardware store or brass available on-line (half hard). Craft wire will be too soft and frustrate you!)

*Bookmarks*: I’ve seen painted, wire, fabric, even lucet cord with tassels. There’s also a wonderful period design with yarns and beads for marking multiple pages!

*Drawstring pouches*: All sizes. Great way to put fabric scraps to good use!

*Sekanjabin*: For culinary inclined! Aka Iranian Mint Vinegar Syrup. Please list ingredients & make sure container has a good seal. Lots of different recipes, most feastocrats can help you!

*Neck coolers*: It may be turning cold, but Gulf Wars could be hot!

*Bezants*: Lightweight brass, available at craft stores, stamped or traced into beautiful designs for garb application. See examples on Pinterest.

*Medieval games*: Lots of instructions & examples online!

*Painted glass tumblers*: Quick search will show cup shapes from period and offer design ideas. Most second hand stores have shelves of high quality tumblers that can work priced between $0.25-$1.00. Glass paints available at all craft stores.

I can’t stress enough how small this list is for options- you’ll quickly see how endless the possibilities are.

Over the top entry suggestions are things that take a little more time or expense- A nice Haversack, a beautiful hood, anything embroidered, documented wood block for printing, beaded veil, ceramics, wherever your whim takes you. Please avoid heraldry on these items.

Here’s a link to my Pinterest page for largess ideas. It’s just a starting point if you need one!

There’s a page for Aethelmearc largess makers:

The facebook page for Largess makers throughout the SCA:

There’s also kingdom A&S sites, the Florigium site, blogs, and don’t forget your local members- The A&S officer or Chatelaine are good resources for connecting you with knowledgeable help.

Thank you in advance. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

In service to the dream,
Countess Anna Leigh

*Special thanks to Aldgudana Gunnarsdottir whose page was a great resource;

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