Baker’s Dozen Donation Derbies

Hello AEthelmearc

The Baker’s Dozen Donation Derbies for the Reign of Timothy III & Gabrielle III are designed to provide largesse that will be used for tokens, prizes & gifts throughout the Reign. The Derby idea is aimed at showing off the talents & creativity of the populace.

The derbies will take place at all Royal Progress events. If any group would like to hold a local derby, it is greatly encouraged & appreciated.

The first derby will take place at the AEthelmearc A&S Faire & Queen’s Prize Tourney May 6, hosted by the Shire of Nithgaard.

Baker’s Dozen Donation Derby Rules 

  • All entrants must create 13 items
  • 1 pair or 1 set – 1 item
  • Items must be suitable for SCA largesse. (period items are highly desirable)
  • All entries must be tagged & ready to be gifted the day of the competition.
  • Item tag should have the maker’s name & home group, item content, materials or ingredients
  • Items need not be documented (but documentation is always welcome)
  • Items should not have Royal or personal heraldry (AE populace badge is allowed)
  • Food, liquid & scented items must be in sealed, leak-proof & spill-proof containers.
  • Judging is done by the populace. Each entrant display will have a container placed next to it and anyone may put a provided token into the container of their choice. Only one token per person.
  • The entrant with the most tokens in their container at the end of the day will receive one item from each entry.
  • The remaining 12 items from each entry will be given to Their Majesties at the end of the day.

Places to look for ideas

  • Pinterest (there are many largesse boards)
  • Facebook groups (SCA Largesse, Dirty Dozen Donation Derby, SCA Site Tokens.
    Also search under SCA, there are many groups devoted to specific topics
  • Stefan’s Florilegium
  • SCA Meridian Herbalists—-Herbal Project & Largesse Ideas
  • Making & Contributing Largesse—-Barony of An Tir—
  • Trystan’s Costume Closet——-several articles
  • The Renaissance Tailor—-button article
  • 12 Night Site Tokens, Neck Coolers as Site Tokens & Largesse—
  • What is Largesse—
  • Making a Chemise Binding, Medieval-Style Trapezoidal Shoulder Bags—
  • A Gentlewoman’s Largesse—
  • Crafting Websites &/or books
  • Talking to members of the Order of the Fleur & the Order of the Laurel*Ideas are Endless!!!**GET CRAFTING & CREATING!!!*Thank you. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to participate in the derbies and enjoy the bounty of talent in AEthelmearc.

    Service et loyaultie mie lie,

    Dame Bronwyn MacFhionghuin
    Mistress of the Bagatelle

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