The Seven Pearls


The Seven Pearls Champions
A.S. 51-52

Archery Champion: THL Muirgheal ingen Dubhghall, Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands
Arts & Sciences Champion: Lord Ian Campbell of Glen Mor, St. Swithin’s Bog
Bardic/Performing Arts Champion: Éadaoin Gaelach Rua, Rhyderrich Hael
Fencing Champion: Lord Gunnarr UlfrBani, St. Swithin’s Bog
Heavy Weapons Champion: THL Hagar the BlushingBlackstone Mountain
Thrown Weapons Champion: Sir Aquila d’Athos, Thescorre

The Baronages of Æthelmearc
The Seven Pearls of Æthelmearc and Their Champions
A.S. 52-53
Barony-Marche of Debatable Lands
Baron Brandubh Ó Donnghaile and Baroness Hilderun Hügelmann
Archery Champion: Lord Alister Sionnach MacLeod
Arts & Sciences Champion: Mistress Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen
Bardic/Performing Arts Champion: Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope
Equestrian Champion: Sanada Masamoto Kenshin O’no Kuma
Fencing Champion: THL Ru Cavorst
Heavy Weapons Champion: Lord Robert MacEwin
Thrown Weapons Champion: Lord Thomas of the Debatable Lands
Youth Archery Champion: Otto
Youth Fighting Champion:
Barony of Thescorre
Baron Eldjarn the Thoughtful and Baroness Dubheasa inghen Dubgaill
Archery Champion: Lord Andrew of Thescorre
Arts & Sciences Champion: Torbjorn Sigurdson
Bardic/Performing Arts Champion: Lacey Gardner
Fencing Champion: Lord Padraig Ua Ceileachair
Heavy Weapons Champion: Sir Aquila d’Athos
Thrown Weapons Champion: Drew ap Bleddyn
Barony of Rhydderich Hael
Baron Magnus de Lyons and Baroness Miriel du Lac
Archery Champion: Lady Simonetta d’Alfassi
Arts & Sciences Champion: THL Eleanore Godwin
Bardic/Performing Arts Champion: Éadaoin Gaelach Rua
Chivalry Champion: Chebe
Fencing Champion: THL Wolfgang Starcke
Equestrian Champion: THL Maeve Ni Siurtain
Heavy Weapons Champion: Lord Tadhg Mag Uidhir
Thrown Weapons Champion: Lord Akayuma Yatoru Kage’o
Barony of Delftwood
Baron Marcus Claudius Cincinnatus and Baroness Desiderata Drake
Archery Champion: Lord Aurelio di Baldasare
Arts & Sciences Champion: Lord Justin Lymner
Bardic/Performing Arts Champion: Lord Ixac ben Simone
Fencing Champion: Lord Jan ten den Walde
Heavy Weapons Champion:
Thrown Weapons Champion: Lord Eoin MacCogadhián
Youth Champion: Adrian of Delftwood
Barony of Blackstone Mountain
Baron Ichijo Honen and Baroness Cerridwen de Skene
Archery Champion:
Arts & Sciences Champion: Lord Sasson della Sancta Victoria
Bardic/Performing Arts Champion: Lady Miriam Jules of the Dragon’s Trench
Fencing Champion:  Lord Andrew the Goode
Heavy Weapons Champion: Duke Sir Rurik Longsword
Thrown Weapons Champion:
Barony of Endless Hills
Baron Stefan Luftskyn and Baroness Fiona the Prepared
Archery Champion: Æsa Helgulfsdottir
Arts & Sciences Champion: Kolfinna Jodisdottir
Bardic/Performing Arts Champion: Lady Magge Illfoster
Fencing Champion: Don Po Silvertop the Rogue
Heavy Weapons Champion: Lord Kendrick of the Endless Hills
Thrown Weapons Champion: Master Tigernach Mac Cathail
Barony of St. Swithin’s Bog
Baron Gunther Grumbaum and Baroness Rois O’Faye
Archery Champion: THL Kenn the Just
Arts & Sciences Champion: Lord Ian Campbell of Glen Mor
Bardic/Performing Arts Champion: Grede Schneiderin
Fencing Champion: Lord Gunnarr UlfrBani
Heavy Weapons Champion: THLord Guillaume le Noir
Thrown Weapons Champion: Lord Ian Campbell of Glen Mor
Youth Champion: Pherson
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