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Office of the Earl Marshal

Incident Report Form [35k]
Injury Report Form [35k]
Minors fighting as adults in heavy combat (not youth combat) and/or rapier rules [70k]

Earl Marshal - Duchess Tessa the Huntress

Region 1 Deputy - Sir Gareth Kincaid

Region 2 Deputy - Sir Vladimir Mechnik

Region 3 Deputy - THL Angus Macclerie

Region 4 Deputy - Lord Arddenn Scot of Clan Scot

Region 5 Deputy - Baron Marcus Claudius Cincinnatus

Visit the Earl Marshal website:

Combat Archery Marshal - Baron Friderich Swartzwalder

Siege Marshal - THL Rosalia Iuliana Andre

Chancellor of the Youth Martial Academy - Sir Thogrim Skullsplitter

AEthelmearc Youth Combat Policy [166k]
AEthelmearc Youth Rapier Policy [163k]

Youth Fencing Provost - Mistress Irene von Schmetterling

Youth Combat Marshal - Sir Thogrim Skullsplitter

Visit the Youth Marshal Academy website:

Fencing Marshal - Master Benedict Fergus Atta Meade

Region 1 Fencing Marshal - Master Orlando di Bene del Vinta

Region 2 Fencing Marshal - Dona Gabrielle de Winter

Region 3 Fencing Marshal - Don Po Silvertop the Rogue

Region 4 Fencing Marshal - Lady Katerin Starcke

Region 5 Fencing Marshal - Master Benedict Fergus atte Med

Emergency Deputy Fencing Marshal - Master Bastiano di Jacopo

Deputy in Charge of Cut and Thrust - Master Anias Fenne

Visit the Fencing Marshal website:

Archer General - Baron Edward Harbinger

Archery Scorekeeper - Master Robert the Gray

Visit the Archery Marshal website:

Thrown Weapons Marshal - Master Augusto Giuseppe da San Donato

AEthelmearc Thrown Weapons Rules [361k]

Thrown Weapons Scorekeeper - Master Tigernach mac Cathail

Visit the Thrown Weapons website:

Equestrian Marshal - Lady Aaliz de Gant

AEthelmearc Equestrian Rules [84k]

Visit the Equestrian Arts website:

Visit the Equestrian Arts Yahoo Group:


Armoured Combat Policy [90k]
Minor As Adult Policy [71k]
Combat Archery Policy [83k]
Siege Policy [73k]
Rapier Policy [102k]
Cut n' Thrust Policy [55k]
Thrown Weapon Policy [362k]
Target Archery Policy [90k]
Equestrian Policy [84k]
Youth Armoured Combat Policy [162k]
Youth Rapier Policy [164k]
MOL Policy [23k]

Useful files

On-Line Quarterly Report
PDF Request to be a Marshal
On-Line Injury Report
On-Line Incident Report

Marshal Warrant Form [72k]
Regional Marshal Quarterly Report Form [40k]
Marshal Quarterly Report Form [69k]

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