Icon Guide

The following is the guide for the icons found in event announcements

Royal Progress






Wheelchair Accessible?

Site is
Wheelchair Accessible

Site is
Not Wheelchair Accessible


Alcohol Allowed?

Dry Site/
No Alcohol Allowed

Damp Site

Cash Bar

Wet Site/
Alcohol Allowed


Flames Allowed?

No Flames Allowed

Contained Flames Only

Open Flames Allowed


Pets Allowed?

No Pets Allowed

Pets Allowed

Service Animals Only


Weapons Allowed?

No Weapons Allowed

Tied Weapons Only

Weapons Allowed

Wheelchair Accessibility base icon of
Italian Traffic Sign from commons.wikimedia.org.
Used under CC license.

All other Non-royalty base icons made by
designmodo, SimpleIcon, Vaadin, and EpicCoders from www.flaticon.com.
Used under CC 3.0 BY license.

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