Welcome to our Kingdom!

A Missive from Their Royal Majesties of Æthelmearc:

Their Royal Majesties Æstel Article:

Unto all of Æthelmearc, do We, Maynard and Liadain, King and Queen of these Sylvan lands, send fond greetings and heartfelt well wishes.

Thank you to Æthelmearc and scadians across the Known World. We are deeply impressed by
the daily initiatives being rolled out to keep people engaged and active until we are once
again able to gather in person. A wealth of learning, displays, camaraderie, entertainment,
leadership and shenanigans abounds – with plenty of room for more!

There are multiple platforms in which to experience the virtual SCA, be it through social
media, Zoom, YouTube and elsewhere. More information regarding official Kingdom functions
can be found on our Kingdom website.

Interested in hosting your own class, meeting, social gathering, gaming session or happy
hour through an Æthelmearc Zoom room? Sign up now on aethelmearc.org.

Cheers to everyone who has joined us for ÆLive! (on ÆTube for those who missed it.) We have
had a tremendous amount of fun putting the show together and can’t express enough just how
much We appreciate Our incredible ÆLive staff. This has been a steep learning curve for Us and
Our staff continues to carry Us up the hill. ÆLive continues to grow and evolve and We need
your help! We are very interested in entertaining/informative 2-3 minute standalone video
segments, slide shows, that can be aired during the show (geared toward general Kingdom
audience) as well as individuals with creative concepts, skits, bits and the like to contribute and
those with marketing and/or technical expertise to assist in production and distribution.

The show is a conglomeration of news, entertainment, and recognition. Each episode,
three individuals are recognized with “Tokens of Distinction.” These are not formal awards
nor bear any precedence; they are tokens of esteem from Our Hand. These are chosen by
Us and you, the populace. You may submit your recommendations via the online award
recommendation form. However, We would also encourage YOU to recognize those you hold
in high regard directly. Please take the time to personally acknowledge the deeds, generosity
and accomplishments of others with kind words and affirmations. A few words have
tremendous power – use them for good. Make someone’s day better – yours will be too!

We are so proud of all of you, for your genuine thoughtfulness and generosity in caring for
one another, as well as for your fortitude and ingenuity. We understand that there are many
questions about the future. For Our part on behalf of Æthelmearc, We shall continue to work
diligently to keep you as up to date as possible.

We acknowledge that some news may be disappointing, such as the cancellation of events,
but we are all working together to ensure the safety and well-being of friends and family.
We encourage you to continue to be patient with one another, with event staff and those in
the position to make difficult decisions.

We recognize that every person reading this missive has been impacted by the ongoing battle.
Some incredibly so. We, Maynard and Liadain, see you, are here for you and hold you all in
Our hearts. Do not hesitate to call on us should you have need.

Though there is much uncertainty, there will be an end to this and we will be victorious. This
victory will be hard won, but we shall emerge stronger for it. This has already been illustrated
in all that we have accomplished together to date and have planned for our future despite
this plague on our lands. Stay strong, stay optimistic and when you can’t – lean on us, your
Kingdom, your friends, your family, your shield mates. We are Æthelmearc and together we
are mighty.

Please keep washing your hands, practicing kindness and inspiring each other and the Known
World. We raise a glass to you and look forward to seeing you soon online and in person.

For Æthelmearc, We Remain,

Maynard and Liadain
Rex et Regina

A Royal Missive with Regard to Pennsic:

Noble populace, after much deliberation and consideration, Pennsic 49 will be postponed until 2021. We understand that this is disappointing and upsetting on many levels, for many reasons, however We fully support this decision.

The health and safety of our community, including the staff and hosts of this epic event, are of utmost importance. Please join us applauding the Pennsic Mayor, his staff and Kingdom Seneschals who were tasked to make this difficult call. Know that the horns of War will be heard again – this is but a delay. We will look to the future and will celebrate all that we continue to overcome.

For Honor, Glory and Æthelmearc,

Maynard and Liadain
Rex et Regina

From the Kingdom Seneschal, Mistress Illadore:

Greetings to my beloved Æthelmearc!

I am terribly excited about all of the eSCA activities that our Kingdom and the SCA as a whole have been having. There are so many classes, talks, meetings, bardic circles, etc happening. Please check out our webpage and our Facebook page for more info. As a reminder, the Kingdom has Zoom accounts for you to use for your online activities!

Please note that if you have to cancel an event to make sure to use the online form for cancellation. It is on our web homepage. If you need assistance, please reach out to me or our lovely Kingdom Webminister or Chronicler.

The SCA has updated both the Sexual Misconduct policy (https://www.sca.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/SexualMisconduct-Policy-14-Apr-2020.pdf) and the Bullying and Harassment Policy. The updated Bullying and Harassment policy is below, and is currently available in the President’s summary of the meeting (https://www.sca.org/wp-content/

The SCA prohibits bullying and harassment of all individual and groups.
Bullying is systematic and unwelcome behavior which involves the use of influence, threat, intimidation, or coercion to cause hurt or harm to another person or group of people. When the bullying behavior is based on a protected class, that behavior is defined as harassment.

Protect classes include: race, sex, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability

Bullying and Harassment may be overt, as in the following non-inclusive list of examples:

Verbal abuse, including using racial, homophobic, transphobic, ableist epithets, etc.
Non-consensual physical contact, violence, or threatening gestures
Displaying material that is offensive, degrading, or threatening to a protected class
Consistent demeaning remarks or malicious teasing
Stalking or predatory behavior

Spreading rumors or innuendo with malicious intent
Deliberate exclusion, isolation, or alienation of an individual without just cause
Using rank, title, or office to intimidate others

Provided that the behavior does not rise to the criteria listed above, bullying and harassment is not:
Single episodes of social rejection, dislike, tactlessness, or forgetfulness
Mutual arguments, disagreements, or fights
The termination, mutual or not, of a romantic relationship or friendship
Reasonable constructive feedback or critique

The test for bullying is the reasonableness of the behavior and the impact of that behavior on the recipient.

Participants engaging in bullying/harassment are subject to appropriate sanctions. If an individual believes they have been subjected to or have witnessed harassment, bullying, or retaliation, that person should contact a seneschal, the President of the SCA, or that kingdom’s Board Ombudsman.

As always, I miss you all and I hope to see you soon,

Kingdom Seneschal

From Their Majesties Maynard and Liadain:

* Please note that at Coronation Their Majesties Maynard and Liadain noted that their form for entrants will remain open at this time.*

Greetings unto Æthlemearc from Maynard and Liadain, Heirs to the Sylvan Thrones.

While the rule of King Timothy and Queen Gabrielle is undoubtedly strong and prosperous, the Sylvan Line must be ensured. As is our duty and honor, we would encourage all to attend our upcoming Crown Tournament to be held on May 2, 2020 in the Barony of Thescorre. It is our greatest wish that all who are willing and able endeavor to participate, witness and be present for this most auspicious day in the history of Æthelmearc. The continuation of the Kingdom and succession of the Crown lay in your hands. The victor should be tested on the tournament field by every valiant and honorable combatant that Our skilled Kingdom has to offer. All combatants from novice to Knight are urged to take up arms.

It would please us greatly to host a grand tournament with a large number of combatants to truly showcase the prowess and chivalry of Æthelmearc. We will limit those requirements outside of Kingdom Law to the following:

  • Prospective consorts must be present at the tournament.
  • Each combatant and consort must display a banner during the grand procession.
  • Combatant couples are to be announced by a herald for the grand procession.
  • All modern armor and equipment must be covered. This includes modern sports equipment, company logos, bright colored or blatantly plastic armor, etc. These may be worn but concealed with a heraldic tabard, surcoat or similar covering. Modern footwear is acceptable if disguised or understated (ie. black or brown).

Please also review the section of Kingdom law listing requirements (included below in the expandable box). Contact us if you have any questions regarding any of these requirements. Be mindful that letters of intent must be postmarked or received by the Crown no later than 30 days prior to Crown Tournament. Confirmation of receipt will be provided as received. Please contact us via email if you have any concerns.

Letters of intent must include the following elements for both entrants: SCA names, Legal names, Postal Addresses, Telephone numbers, E-mail addresses, Proofs of membership, Age (proof to be supplied at Crown Tournament) and Proof of current authorization for Combatants. We would also request that the preferred titles of both fighter and consort are included in letters of intent to ensure accuracy and promote pageantry (ex. Lord, THLady, Baroness, Sir, Mistress, etc.) There is also an online Letter of Intent Form available at https://ae.scaforms.org/view.php?id=53372.

Our mailing information:
TRH Maynard and Liadain
c/o Michael and Deidre Biondo
3208 Rachelle Dr.
North Tonawanda, NY 14120
ae.prince@aethelmearc.org  ae.princess@aethelmearc.org

We would also like to announce that Our first Curia will take place the Sunday morning of War Practice at 10:00 am. We will publish an agenda online prior to the event. We are very much looking forward to the upcoming months and hope to see many of you in Our travels.

For Æthelmearc,
Maynard and Liadain
Prince and Princess

Kingdom Law: Requirements for Crown Tournament

Below are the applicable sections of Kingdom Law, which apply to both the combatant and consort.

Please click the title to expand the section.


Entrants in this section of Law are defined as the combatant and consort entering Crown Tournament.

All entrants in the Crown Tournament must be members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

All entrants in the Crown Tournament must be 18 years of age or older as of the date ofCrown Tournament.

The withdrawal of either entrant from the Crown Lists shall automatically eliminate both from that Tournament, except as provided below in paragraph III-1100. Either may withdraw at any point in the Tournament by notifying the Minister of the Lists.

In order to be eligible to fight or be fought for in Crown Tournament, a person must be a subject (as defined in Corpora) of Æthelmearc for one year immediately prior to Crown Tournament and be able to demonstrate a reasonable level of participation in Æthelmearc during that period.

The Crown may waive the above requirements if the entrants are subjects of the Kingdom and able to demonstrate to the Crown’s satisfaction by their own words or by recommendation of peers of the Kingdom that they have sufficient familiarity with Kingdom Law and customs and an acceptable level of participation.

Letters of intent must be sent to the Crown.They must include the following elements for both entrants:

SCA names
Legal names
Telephone numbers
E-mail addresses
Proofs of membership
Age (proof to be supplied at Crown Tournament)
Proof of current authorization for Combatants

To facilitate complete letters of intent, a form is available on the Kingdom website as well as from the Crown and the Seneschal on request.Prospective entrants are encouraged but not required to use this form to ensure a complete letter. Letters of intent must be mailed, e-mailed, or hand-delivered to the Crown no later than 30 days prior to the Crown Tournament.

The Kingdom Seneschal shall verify eligibility as defined in the Bylaws and Corpora.

No person shall enter the Crown Tournament without intending an honorable attempt to compete for the Crown.At the discretion of the Royalty whose Crown it is, the Kingdom Officers who administer Crown may step aside and have their emergency deputy administer the Tourney, so they may enter. In the event a Kingdom Officer should win Crown, the Law regarding Emergency Deputies and office succession will apply.

The entrants must be acceptable to the Crown or Their representatives.

No person fighting in or being fought for in Crown Tournament may administer the Crown Tournament.

Any two people may champion each other in the Crown Lists (hereinafter referred to as a combatant couple so long as neither is championed by any other person.

If one member of a combatant couple is removed from the Crown Lists for marshallate infractions or any infractions of the Rules of the Lists, both members are ineligible to continue in that Crown Tournament. If one member of a combatant couple voluntarily withdraws as a combatant in the Lists, the MOL and Marshal will confer with the withdrawing member to determine if they are also withdrawing as consort or if the other member may continue in the Lists. If the participant withdraws both as fighter and consort, both shall be ineligible to continue in that Crown Tournament.

The preferred method of Crown Tournament is a double-elimination format.

The winner of the Crown Tournament and the winner’s consort become the new Heirs to the Throne of Æthelmearc. They are each entitled to the Title of Crown Prince or Crown Princess, as appropriate to the individual’s persona.

Upon ascending to the Throne, They may rightfully be acknowledged as Monarch and Consort with alternate Titles as appropriate to the dignity of the Throne.

News From Around the Kingdom:

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