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Their Sylvan Majesties King Timothy of Arindale and Queen Gabrielle van Nijenrode

Their Royal Highnesses Prince Timothy of Arindale and Princess Gabrielle van Nijenrode

A Missive from Their Royal Majesties of Æthelmearc:

Greetings Sylvan Æthelmearc,

We are looking forward to the events of The Festival of the Passing of Ice Dragon, Beer & Bacon Bash, Blackstone Raids and QRC. We hope We will see you at these events and at regional musters as Our armies prepare for war in the summer.

We have been very fortunate as Prince and Princess to travel to across Æthelmearc’s vast lands as well as other Kingdoms of the Known World. It has brought Us to joy to come to know so many of you. Æthelmearc’s might lies in the convictions of its people to make the dream real for all of us. Some do this on the list field, or with painstaking research, a finely crafted item, running an event, cooking feast, or many other ways that are all part of bringing reality to what we do.

We are writing this as We prepare to go to coronation this weekend. We are excited to serve Æthelmearc as King and Queen again.

Ad Glorium Æthelmearc

Gareth and Juliana

From the Kingdom Seneschal, Duke Christopher:

Unto the Glorious Kingdom of Æthelmearc, Greetings from Duke Christopher, Seneschal.

Congratulations to Gareth and Juliana, our new King and Queen. Please offer them your support as they lead our Kingdom towards our annual summer conflict with our friends from the East and the rest of the Known World.

I want to take a moment to thank those of you who made the trip to Gulf Wars in March in support of Crown and Kingdom. Thank you for your flexibility in dealing with the challenges of a new campsite this year. My thanks to all of you who helped make all of this work.

The Shire of Riversedge is suspended as of March 3, 2019 and may not collect or spend money in the name of the SCA or publish events on the Kingdom calendar.

There will be a meeting of local seneschals at Pennsic. Please watch for details once this is scheduled. The meeting will likely be held in Æthelmearc Royal. Topics will include responsibilities of local seneschals, the importance of reporting, and identification of your deputies/successors.

It is not too early to start thinking about bids for Fall events. If you are interested in bidding for Crown, Fall Æcademy, or Twelfth Night, now is the time to do so. The rotation for Twelfth Night is to Region 3 and Crown is scheduled for Region 5. Æcademy is due to rotate to Region 1.

The Curia of TRM Gareth and Juliana will be held at Friday July 12th at 8PM at the Bog Three Day Event, New Germany Grove Hall, 1635 New Germany Rd Summerhill, PA 15958.

Autocrats for Kingdom events please remember that I need to review any contract for an event site before it is signed. This is a corporate requirement. If you are the autocrat of a Crown, Coronation, 12th night, and or Æcademy the contract must be sent to the Seneschal for review.

A word on trailers.. Per the Seneschal Handbook update of January, 2018, Section XX:

D. TRAILER INSURANCE All trailers, vehicles or watercraft purchased and owned by the SCA must be registered to the SCA group and must be insured by the SCA group at their own expense.


Do not register the group’s trailer in the name of an individual or an officer of the group. If a third party’s person or property is damaged as a result of an accident involving a trailer when being towed, the individual who is towing the trailer bears responsibility for liability when the trailer is in transit and should contact their insurance carrier.

It is the responsibility of the seneschal of the group that owns the trailer to check to make sure that the tower/ driver of said trailer has the appropriate motor vehicle liability insurance annually.

Some groups own a trailer that is used for storage only, i.e. it never moves from the storage site. If the state authority requires said “stationary” trailer to be registered, the group is responsible to follow the procedure as outlined above, i.e. a copy of the registration must be forwarded to the corporate office within 30 days of registration.

Currently the Kingdom Seneschal Handbook is under revision. It is my intent that this is ready for distribution to the local seneschals by the end of my term. This is being done in conjunction with a rewrite of the Seneschal policies, so, it is a bit of an undertaking.

I would ask that all Kingdom officers and all local Seneschals make sure that their listings in the Æstel are up to date, particularly with respect to your term of office and the listings for your deputies. If these need to be updated, please let me know and I will pass the information along to the Webminister. Any changes to the Regnum need to be reviewed by me, so, please do not ask Baroness Amalie to make the changes without my approval. Please take a moment to make sure that your listing is up to date.

Duke Christopher
Seneschal, Æthelmearc

Updated Icon System for Event Announcements:

Greetings unto the Most Glorious Kingdom of Æthelmearc!

We have been working on streamlining the icon system seen on event announcements on the website.

We will only display an icon for alcohol, flames, and weapons if the item is specifically stated as prohibited/not allowed.

Here are the details of the updated system:

If a site allows either open or contained flames, there will be no icon displayed as it allows some type of fire.

A site that does not allow flames will display a black “do not” sign over flame.

If a site is wet or damp, there will be no icon displayed as it allows some type of alcohol on site.

A site that does not allow any alcohol (aka – a dry site) will display a black “do not” sign over a wine glass.

If a site allows weapons or tied weapons, there will be no icon displayed. 
[Please Note: If your event allows rattan or rapier fighting, you *will* have weapons allowed on site.]

A site that does not allow any weapons, will display a black “do not” sign over a weapons.

If a site does not allow pets (other than Service animals), the service animals only icon will be displayed.

ADA Compliance will still display either icon for Non-ADA Compliance (black “do not sign” over a wheelchair) or ADA compliance (a wheelchair).

The chart that displays all our icons is found at http://aethelmearc.org/calendar-2/icon-guide/.

Please note that all information that has been previously collected on event submission and update forms will still be collected as we still program this information into categories in the system. Events can be sorted as a damp event, etc. You can find a directory for the sorted events at http://aethelmearc.org/event-listing-by-category/.

If you have any questions about the icon system, please email Baroness Amalie at ae.webminister@aethelmearc.org.

Thank you on behalf of the Web Team.

In service,
AE Webminister

Their Royal Majesties’ Upcoming Royal Progress Events

Their Royal Highnesses’ Upcoming Royal Progress Events

Upcoming Kingdom Events


* King Gareth has declared that Æthelmearc will be siding with the Dragon of the Middle at the Pennsic War.

* There is a new Society Harassment and Bullying Policy, which can be found at http://socsen.sca.org/the-sca-harrassment-and-bullying-policy/.

* The new Æthelmearc Fighter Data Roster is available at http://authclerk.aethelmearc.org. Any questions or comments can be sent to Mistress Maria Christina de Cordoba, Kingdom Authorization Clerk, at ae.authorization@aethelmearc.org.

* There are new Authorization Forms found on the Authorizations Clerk page.

* From the Kingdom Authorization Clerk, Mistress Maria Christina de Cordoba: The on line roster was never intended to replace the authorization cards. Walking up to the List table and telling the MoL you don’t need an authorization card because it is on line and they can look it up, is not acceptable. This will not be tolerated. If you look at your card it clearly states, “Be prepared to present this card to any marshal or List official, upon request, when involved in combat activties.” It is your responsibility to have your card, or a copy, with you. 

* There are new Event Submission and Update forms found on the Event Submission Form page.

* Information regarding the icons found in event announcements can be found in the Icon Guide.

* There is a Frequently Asked Questions page on this site. Please see if your question is listed here.

* The following Kingdom Policies have been updated. Please check the new policies on the corresponding officer’s page:
Exchequer (7/18)
Youth Combat (8/18)
Webminister (8/18)

* Check out the Kingdom of Æthelmearc’s Facebook Feed!

Have a Kingdom announcement? Please fill out this form.
Find an error on the site? Please tell us.

Help Wanted

There is an immediate need for a new Kingdom Historian and an opening for a Webminister for the Historian’s Office. There is also an opening for a Webminister for the Chronicler’s Office. If you are interested, please email our Kingdom Chronicler at ae.chronicler@aethelmearc.org.

* The Silver Buccle Herald, THL Sophie Davenport, is seeking 12 local heralds, a Region 5 herald, and an Archivist. If you are interested in any of these positions, please let her know at c.

The Kingdom Signets, Mistress Antoinette de la Croix and THL Shirin of Susa, are requesting scroll blanks for Kingdom Awards. If you are able to help out, kindly let them know at ae.signet@aethelmearc.org.


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