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A Missive from Their Royal Majesties of Æthelmearc:

It was humbling to be the Sovereigns of so many truly good people at Pennsic 48 this year.

We were so pleased with the welcoming and hospitable way our Kingdom was perceived by our guests. So many thanked our kingdom for its hospitality and generosity. AEthelmerac Royal had something going on everyday and a gathering of some sort almost every night. It was gathering point for art, sharing, teaching, and socializing. Our brewers guild was such an asset as well as our hospitality staff. People felt welcome and appreciated. We hosted the royalty of the known world for a welcome cocktail party that Mistress Kelda organized with an excellent staff that was very well received, we hope it becomes a tradition for AEthelmearc at future wars. Baroness Anne ni Allen, organized a wonderful 50 years in the SCA party in honor of Count Jehan on war Tuesday night and we heard tales from the ealry days of the society that inspired many. Duchess Siobhan and Duke Sven did not disappoint either with the extremely fun Kingdom party on War Thursday.

We were really happy with all the positive feedback about our new walls and wider hospitality area as well.

Our kingdom’s Arts and Sciences displays were amazing. Master Hrolf’s display won in the Arts war point. So many interesting classes were taught, Vellum was made in our courtyard over a few days. Our scribes have no rival in the known world and freely shared their knowledge over 2 weeks.

Our war machine in AEthelmearc has always been mighty and we have always loved being part of it. We fought as a Kingdom army this year in a way that seemed different to us and we have been around a while. Our command staff was excellent and the strength and heart of those taking the field was inspiring. We may have had less fighters on the field than some years but we had as great an impact as years when are numbers were almost double what we fielded this year. Households, shires, baronies and regions were transcended to be a greater whole than the sum of its parts. This is no small thing, We very much hope to see it continue. Don’t misunderstand us, there is real value in the support and relationships that happen in the smaller group dynamics, but the merging of all those parts that we saw at war this year was so many times stronger than a bunch of smaller groups working together.

Our fencing army has worked hard this year developing new tactics. That was clearly seen on the battlefield this year. It was a powerful step forward for rapier melees and we imagine there are many on the other side scratching their heads wondering how to counter us next year.

Our water bearers and marshals kept us all safe and healthy. Know that you are vital to the success of our kingdom.

Our archers and throwers were a force to behold as always on the ranges. Your hours of practice for consistency and accuracy have served the kingdom well.

Everywhere we went there were citizens of AEthelmearc serving. Pennsic could not happen without the massive amount of hours this kingdom gives freely in service so others can enjoy the event.

We could not be more proud of AEthelmearc

Gareth and Juliana
King and Queen of AEthelmearc

From the Kingdom Seneschal, Mistress Illadore:

Unto the Glorious Kingdom of Æthelmearc, Greetings from Mistress Illadore, your new Kingdom Seneschal.

I would like to thank Duke Christopher for his many years of service and his amazing job as Kingdom Seneschal. I have some large 14th
century boots to fill. I would ask for your patience as I get up to speed and learn my new role. That being said, if you would like to
assist me and your Kingdom, we have a variety of officer and deputy officer roles that will be coming open soon. Please consider putting in for them.

Seneschals and Autocrats, please look at the Kingdom event rotation and see if you would like to put in a bid for a Kingdom level event in the upcoming year. It’s not too early to consider putting in for Spring events. The rotation for Spring Crown Tournament is Region 4 and Aethelmearc Academy is for Region 5.

Please note that Crown Tournament will be held in the Shire of Coppertree on October 12th, Sherrill Community Activity Center
Address: 139 East Hamilton Ave., Sherrill, NY 13461. For more information, please see the event announcement. I look forward to seeing you there.

I thank you all for making Aethelmearc such a wonderful and wondrous Kingdom.

Mistress Illadore

From the Kingdom Earl Marshal:

Hello, dear citizens of Aethelmearc. Today, the KEM of the Midrealm made a sensible call which impressed me. In the interest of the fighters of Aethelmearc, I will do the same–

Marshals of all disciplines:

We have a serious heat problem across our land at this time. Extreme temperatures combined with high humidity are quite dangerous, and can lead to a variety of heat injuries. In the interest of the safety of all participants across our many fields, now hear this:

For the remainder of the 2019 outdoor activity season in Aethelmearc, all official martial and marshal-controlled activities will cease at the Heat Index of 103 degrees Fahrenheit. This measurement can be obtained by using the OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool App (which is free and crazy easy to use), handheld wet bulb thermometer, or handheld temperature/humidity meter, (which are not free). The heat Index measurement must be taken onsite at the time of the practice, event, formal training session, tournament, range, ring, or list field activity. And, this measurement should be rechecked during the activity.

No official Marshal or Martial activity is to be allowed to continue if the local heat index is 103 degrees Fahrenheit or greater.

Local Marshals and MIC’s may decide to stop activities sooner than this if the environment is seen to be inherently unsafe.
Please don’t harass your local marshals over this, feel free to direct all issues and concerns to me.

Pennsic has its own rule set for heat control, and similar decisions of this type will be made by Duke Sir Vissevald (Pennsic Marshal One) in accordance with these policies.

This is a temporary policy and will be strictly enforced.

In Service to All the Warriors of Aethelmearc, I remain:
Morien MacBain
Kingdom Earl Marshal

Updated Icon System for Event Announcements:

Greetings unto the Most Glorious Kingdom of Æthelmearc!

We have been working on streamlining the icon system seen on event announcements on the website.

We will only display an icon for alcohol, flames, and weapons if the item is specifically stated as prohibited/not allowed.

Here are the details of the updated system:

If a site allows either open or contained flames, there will be no icon displayed as it allows some type of fire.

A site that does not allow flames will display a black “do not” sign over flame.

If a site is wet or damp, there will be no icon displayed as it allows some type of alcohol on site.

A site that does not allow any alcohol (aka – a dry site) will display a black “do not” sign over a wine glass.

If a site allows weapons or tied weapons, there will be no icon displayed. 
[Please Note: If your event allows rattan or rapier fighting, you *will* have weapons allowed on site.]

A site that does not allow any weapons, will display a black “do not” sign over a weapons.

If a site does not allow pets (other than Service animals), the service animals only icon will be displayed.

ADA Compliance will still display either icon for Non-ADA Compliance (black “do not sign” over a wheelchair) or ADA compliance (a wheelchair).

The chart that displays all our icons is found at http://aethelmearc.org/calendar-2/icon-guide/.

Please note that all information that has been previously collected on event submission and update forms will still be collected as we still program this information into categories in the system. Events can be sorted as a damp event, etc. You can find a directory for the sorted events at http://aethelmearc.org/event-listing-by-category/.

If you have any questions about the icon system, please email Baroness Amalie at ae.webminister@aethelmearc.org.

Thank you on behalf of the Web Team.

In service,
AE Webminister

Requests for Commentary – Corpora IV.B.A – Royalty Qualifications

The Board of Directors is currently requesting commentary regarding a proposed change to Corpora IV.B.1 – Royalty Qualifications.  

Corpora IV.B.1 currently reads:

Each competitor in a Royal List must be fighting for a prospective consort of the opposite sex unless the Crown has elected to permit a competitor to fight for a prospective consort of the same sex.

The following change in language is proposed:

Each competitor in a Royal List must be fighting for a designated consort, without discrimination based on race, gender, religion, national origin, or disability.
Please email all commentary to comments@sca.org.

Please use the title “Corpora IV.B.A” in the subject line.

Do not use attachments in your commentary to comments@sca.org.

Attachments will cause your message to be marked as spam.

In lieu of email, commentary may be sent by US Mail, Postage-Prepaid, to:

Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
RE: Corpora IV.B.A
P.O. Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036-0789

Commentary regarding this proposed Corpora change, whether sent by email or US Mail, must be received by the Board no later than October 1, 2019.

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* There is a new Society Harassment and Bullying Policy, which can be found at http://socsen.sca.org/the-sca-harrassment-and-bullying-policy/.

* The new Æthelmearc Fighter Data Roster is available at http://authclerk.aethelmearc.org. Any questions or comments can be sent to Mistress Maria Christina de Cordoba, Kingdom Authorization Clerk, at ae.authorization@aethelmearc.org.

* There are new Authorization Forms found on the Authorizations Clerk page.

* From the Kingdom Authorization Clerk, Mistress Maria Christina de Cordoba: The on line roster was never intended to replace the authorization cards. Walking up to the List table and telling the MoL you don’t need an authorization card because it is on line and they can look it up, is not acceptable. This will not be tolerated. If you look at your card it clearly states, “Be prepared to present this card to any marshal or List official, upon request, when involved in combat activties.” It is your responsibility to have your card, or a copy, with you.

* There are new Event Submission and Update forms found on the Event Submission Form page.

* Information regarding the icons found in event announcements can be found in the Icon Guide.

* There is a Frequently Asked Questions page on this site. Please see if your question is listed here.

* The following Kingdom Policies have been updated. Please check the new policies on the corresponding officer’s page:
Armoured Combat (7/19) Effective 8/11/19
Adult Authorization Form Effective 8/11/19

* Check out the Kingdom of Æthelmearc’s Facebook Feed!

Have a Kingdom announcement? Please fill out this form.
Find an error on the site? Please tell us.

Help Wanted

There is an immediate need for a new Kingdom Historian and an opening for a Webminister for the Historian’s Office. There is also an opening for a Webminister for the Chronicler’s Office. If you are interested, please email our Kingdom Chronicler at ae.chronicler@aethelmearc.org.

* The Silver Buccle Herald, THL Sophie Davenport, is seeking 12 local heralds and a Region 5 herald. If you are interested in any of these positions, please let her know at ae.herald@aethelmearc.org.

The Kingdom Signets, Mistress Antoinette de la Croix and THL Shirin of Susa, are requesting scroll blanks for Kingdom Awards. If you are able to help out, kindly let them know at ae.signet@aethelmearc.org.

* Letters of Intent are being accepted for the position of NMR Deputy. Letters are due by October 11, 2019. Please email resume.exchequer@aethelmearc.org to apply.

* Letters of Intent are being accepted for the position of Kingdom Social Media Officer. Letters are due by October 28, 2019. Please email  both ae.seneschal@aethelmearc.org and ae.socialmedia@aethelmearc.org to apply.

* Letters of Intent are being accepted for the position of Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences. Letters are due by November 15, 2019. Please email resume.ans@aethelmearc.org to apply.

* Letters of Intent are being accepted for the position of Kingdom Authorization Clerk. Letters are due by December 1, 2019. Please email resume.authorizationclerk@aethelmearc.org to apply.

* Letters of Intent are being accepted for the position of Kingdom Webminister. Letters are due by February 1, 2020. Please email resume.webminister@aethelmearc.org to apply.

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